About Creatively Contenting

What we do

At Creatively Contenting we create podcasts. We launch, produce and manage podcasts for individuals and businesses.  

We will create a bespoke podcast management package to suit your individual needs. Through this you will build your audience, maintain that consistency and eventually monetise. Together we will identify exactly what would help you bring your podcast to the next level.

 Still not sure? Let’s have a chat about it. I offer a free 15 minute consultation. Reach out to learn more and if we are a good match we can go from there!

Who is behind the brand?

Hi there, I’m Maria. I am a professional award-nominated radio producer and journalist now offering my services and experience to the podcast industry.

I am passionate about hearing different people’s experiences and perspectives, giving people a voice and sharing their stories. 

With diverse experience as a broadcast journalist, radio producer and content producer, I have a deep understanding of how to create emotionally compelling content.

Living sustainably is important to me and I am guided by this in every aspect of my life, including my work. I work with my clients to create a bespoke sustainable plan that is conscientious of their time, budget and values.

I’m from Ireland but have also lived in Spain, Germany, the US, Canada and now Mexico. When not working I love to travel and explore, do yoga, read and paint. 

Want to know more? Let’s chat.