SEO-Friendly Podcast Show Notes

How to Write SEO-Friendly Podcast Show Notes

You can have the best podcast in the world but if no one knows about you’ll never get to make the impact that you hope for. One way to get your podcast out there is to ensure every episode has SEO-friendly show notes. This way your podcast is more likely to show up in an internet search for the subject matter covered in the podcast. 

What are podcast show notes? 

Podcast show notes are a written summary or outline of the main topics and takeaways from a specific episode of a podcast. They provide additional information and context for the listener and can be used to help promote the episode, as well as provide a reference for the host and guests.

Podcast show notes are also referred to as the podcast description. So if you heard this term being used instead it’s the same thing. 

Show notes should include:

  • Episode summary in the first two paragraphs
  • Headings and a summary of the key topics discussed in the episode
  • Links to any relevant websites, articles, or resources mentioned in the episode
  • Links to the guests socials or website 
  • Contact information for the podcast 
  • Any promotional material or advertisements

Some people also like to include: 

  • Time stamps for specific segments or topics within the episode

What is SEO?

what is seo

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. In this context it is the process of optimising your content to tell Google or other search engine crawler bots what your content is about. These bots are always getting smarter and better at understanding content but there are certain ways of organising your content to let these bots know as easily as possible who to show your content to. 

But don’t worry about that too much. If you follow these steps you can make sure you’re hitting the right things to increase your reach on online searches. 

How to Write SEO-Friendly Podcast Show Notes

Know your audience 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Knowing your audience comes into everything you do as a creator. By knowing your audience you can write your show notes in a tone that suits them best. 

Read more about identifying your target audience here. 

Include keywords in your podcast show notes 

Research keywords that are relevant to your podcast episode topic. You can use Wordtracker or Ahrefs free keyword tools. You want to find keywords with high search volume and low competition. 

These keywords and synonyms should be included in your show note headings and throughout the show notes. 

Include links 

Include links to your guests online profiles, to any resources they mention, their website etc. 

If you discuss any technical topics it might also be helpful to include links for further reading. 

You can also link your other relevant podcast episodes. 

When I say to include links it goes without saying to make sure they are hyperlinked into words and phrases like this link to my post about starting a podcast. Don’t just paste the link in.   

Structure your show notes well 

seo-friendly podcast show notes

The structure of your show notes will make it easier for your listeners and for search engine crawlers to find the relevant information. 

Inverted pyramid style 

Make sure the first 120 characters are excellent! When writing your show notes be aware that only the first 120 characters or so will be shown on many of the podcasts sites. These first few paragraphs need to engage potential listeners. 

Use a version of the inverted pyramid. This means putting the most important and interesting information in the first few paragraphs. After reading the first 2 paragraphs someone should have a good idea of what the podcast is generally about.   

Use headings with keywords in them 

Use H2 and H3 sub-headings in your show notes to help structure the content and make it easier for search engines and readers to understand. H1 is always the title of the post. 

I suggest doing this in a Google or Word document then pasting into your podcast host. 

Include a transcript

Depending on the podcast host site you use there might be an option to include a transcript of your podcast episode. Castos is one podcast host that has this option. 

Including a transcript will improve the SEO of your podcast upload. 

Promote your show notes

Share your show notes on social media, in your newsletter, and on your website to help drive traffic to your podcast and improve your SEO.


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