Make Your Podcast Sound Professional

How to Make Your Podcast Sound Professional

One of the best ways to maintain listenership and to grow your podcast is to have a professional sounding podcast. Podcasting is casual and intimate by nature and that is great but there are just some basic standards you need to keep to ensure your audience stays around. 

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some advice on how to make your podcast sound professional. After all, a captivating and high-quality podcast keeps your listeners coming back for more. So, let’s dive in and discover some practical tips to make your podcast shine!

Warm up

Make Your Podcast Sound Professional

Before you press that record button, take a moment to get your energy flowing and warm up your vocal cords. 

First, move your body. Dance, jump, run around in circles if you have the space. You want to get your blood flowing and your energy moving. It may sound a little silly, but trust me, it works wonders! 

Next engage in simple vocal exercises like humming, singing and reciting tongue twisters. These exercises help loosen up your voice, helping you to project your voice and make your podcast sound more professional.

Be prepared

Preparation is key to nailing your podcast episodes. Have a script or outline ready to guide you through your topics and keep you on track and make your podcast sound professional. It gives you a roadmap to follow while ensuring you deliver your message with confidence. And make sure to practise your delivery beforehand. It may feel a bit weird, but rehearsing helps you sound more natural and comfortable, instantly connecting with your audience.

If you are using a script make sure you don’t sound like you are reading off a script and over time I recommend getting to a stage where you don’t need a script. Everyone is different and some people thrive with a script though, so assess what works best for you. 

Prepping guests

Make Your Podcast Sound Professional

Hosting interviews on your podcast? Don’t forget to prep your guests too. Give them a heads up on the topics you’ll discuss and make sure they’re at ease with the interview format. Share some friendly tips with them, like doing their own voice warm-ups, speaking clearly, and avoiding distractions. When your guests shine, your podcast shines too!

While sending the guest the general topics so they can prepare a bit, I don’t recommend telling them the exact questions. When they know the exact questions they might have an exact answer prepared in advance and this will likely sound more flat and essentially boring to listen to. 


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Minimising background noise

Let’s face it, nobody wants to listen to a podcast filled with distracting background noise. So, to avoid that, here are a few tips:

  • Shut your windows and doors before you start recording
  • Turn off any machines or devices that can make background noise
  • Move any objects and furniture that you can bump into or knock over (creating noise)
  • Fill the room with soft items, blankets, pillows, carpet, etc. Those will absorb sound and muffle noises.
  • Record a quick test of you speaking for a minute or two and play it so you can hear it. Does it sound good? Go ahead and hit record.

Mic placement

Make Your Podcast Sound Professional

Did you know that where you position your microphone affects the sound quality? Play around with microphone placement until you find your sweet spot. Generally, aim to place it about 6 inches away from your mouth and angled slightly upwards. It might take a little trial and error, but finding the perfect spot will result in a clear and balanced sound that captivates your audience.

Monitoring audio levels

Keeping an eye on your audio levels while recording is crucial. You don’t want to end up with distorted audio. Make sure your volume levels are just right, avoiding extremes that lead to clipping or distortion. To help you out, try using a good recording software, which lets you monitor your audio levels in real-time.

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