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6 Ideas for Engaging Content on Your Podcast Social Media Platforms

What should I post on my podcast social media platforms? This is a question that has come up more than once from my podcast clients. We usually make a few audiograms for each episode but if you’re trying to grow your social media and posting close to daily you’ll want to mix it up with some other content. 

You might wonder what else you could post on your podcast social media platforms. In addition to audiograms you can also post: 

  • other types of teasers and trailers
  • behind the scenes footage
  • personal content 
  • graphics or infographics
  • requests for feedback
  • cross promotion 

When posting any content on social media remember to think about who your target audience is and what is the best way to speak to them. 

What is an audiogram?

An audiogram is a graphic representation of audio that is generally used to promote audio content on social media. In order to create a visually appealing piece of material that will capture your audience’s attention and persuade them to listen to your podcast, audiograms mix audio with a waveform, subtitles, and graphics.

A moving element that lets your viewers and followers know there is audio playing is a key component of all types of audiograms.

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What other ways should you be posting on your podcast social media?

podcast social media

1. Teasers and Trailers

Teasers and trailers are a great way to promote your podcast on social media. Create a short video or audio clip that gives your audience a taste of what’s to come in your latest episode. Use eye-catching visuals and a compelling voiceover to entice your audience to tune in.

2. Behind the Scenes

Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your podcasting process. This can include photos or videos of your recording studio, bloopers or outtakes from your episodes, or even a sneak peek at upcoming guests or topics. This kind of content can help your audience feel more connected to you and your show.

3. Personal content 

Let your listeners know the person behind the voice. Getting to know you as a person might help people to feel more of a connection with you thus increasing their loyalty and trust. 

You could do selfies and introductions to yourself and your team, “a day in the life”, or a story about your journey to this point. 

For more ideas Bossbabe.com has a free downloadable guide of 30 days of content.

4. Visuals

Visuals are a powerful tool for social media marketing. Share high-quality images or graphics that relate to your podcast. These could include quotes from your episodes, infographics, or images that represent your brand. Visuals are a great way to catch your audience’s attention and make your content more shareable.

5. Ask for Feedback

Ask your audience for feedback on your podcast. This can be done through polls or surveys on social media. You can also ask your audience to submit questions or topics for upcoming episodes. This not only helps you improve your content but also makes your audience feel more invested in your podcast.

6. Cross-Promote

Collaborate with other podcasters or content creators in your niche. This can be done through cross-promotion on social media. Share each other’s content and tag each other in posts. This not only helps you reach a new audience but also builds relationships within your community.

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with your audience and promote your show. By using a mix of different types of content, you can create a strong social media presence and increase your reach. Look at what other podcasts are doing on social media for more inspiration.

I really The Happy Pear vegan restaurant and wellness podcast Instagram. They are very creative in their approach to sharing their journey and promoting their podcast. 

Remember to have fun and be creative, authentic, and engaging to keep your audience coming back for more.


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