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Why having a target podcast audience is key

Podcasting is amazing (I might be biassed). We can share information, opinions, debates and conversations with the world. But who is listening? Does your podcast have a target audience? 

For a podcast to be successful it is key to have a clear understanding of who your target audience is. This allows you to create relevant, compelling and interesting content. Let’s discuss some reasons why having a distinct target audience is crucial for the success of your podcast, and some of the latest trends in the industry to consider.

Gen Z: Never Niche Enough

The 2023 Webby Trend report finds that for Gen Z, nothing on the Internet can ever be too niche. Unique communities and platforms are becoming increasingly popular among this generation. Gen Z is the world’s most diverse generation, and they have grown up online. They are creatives, and seek digital spaces that nurture this interest. Most importantly, they desire communities to express themselves with people who have shared identities and experiences. For many, the Internet is the best outlet to facilitate these connections.

Having a target audience increases relevance

podcast target audience
Niching down will help improve the quality of your podcast

When you have a clear target audience in mind, it becomes much easier to create content that is relevant and interesting to that specific group of people. This is because you can tailor your topics, language, and tone to the interests and preferences of your audience. Without this, your content might just fall through the cracks- everyone might like it, but no one loves it.  

With Gen Z, the need for niche content is even more crucial. They want to explore their interests and connect with others who share those interests. By understanding their target audience, podcasters can create a podcast that speaks directly to them and stands out in a crowded market.

Marketing to your target audience

Having a distinct target audience also makes it easier to market and promote your podcast. When you know who your target audience is, you can target your marketing efforts towards them, making it more likely that they will discover your podcast. 

Creating a community 

podcast target audience
People value the opportunity to be part of an online community

When you have a specific target audience, you have the opportunity to create a community of listeners who share similar interests. This community can provide valuable feedback and support for your podcast. This leads to increased engagement, subscribers, and revenue. 

84% of responders to the 2023 Webby Trends Report said creativity is a motivator to participate in online communities. People want to do more than just consume media, they want to participate. By activating communities authentically, there is a great opportunity to create valuable experiences for listener. 

Having a distinct target audience could change the trajectory of your podcast 

Having a distinct target audience for your podcast is crucial for creating relevant content, effective marketing and promotion, and building a community of listeners. By understanding your target audience, you can create a podcast that resonates with them and stands out in a crowded market. 

With Gen Z in particular, the trend is moving towards more personalised experiences, better ways to explore their interests, and safer ways to connect with people who share those interests. Knowing where young Internet users spend time and what they want is the key to reaching them. So, take the time to identify your target audience and create content that speaks directly to them.

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