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Industries that benefit the most from having a branded podcast

Your business has a message, a set of values, and a way of doing things. But how can you let your customers know what your business stands for? A branded podcast is the answer! Creating a podcast for your brand allows you to reach out to your target audience, entertain and inform them, and expose them to your personal branding while connecting with them through conversation.

In this blog post we’re going to tell you the industries that really need a podcast for their brand, and guide you through creating a successful podcast -something we at Creatively Contenting would love to help you with.

The industries we’ll be focusing one are:

  • Coaching
  • Health and Wellness
  • Non-profits
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Tech

Branded podcast

Industries that benefit from branded podcasts

If you are in one of these fields, you absolutely need to start a branded podcast.

Branded podcasts in the coaching industry

The coaching business is booming. The U.S. life coaching market alone was valued at $1,469.1 million USD in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.85% from 2023 to 2030. And that’s just life coaching. Of course, there are so many other coaches too including financial coaches, spiritual coaches, and transformational coaches.

But with all these coaches how do you stand out as an authority figure and trustworthy personal brand? This is where a branded podcast can help you.

Podcast for coaching

You have a message, and that message needs to be shared. Through a branded podcast you can inspire your clients in their down time and connect with them on a deeper level. Sharing your coaching expertise can help you build your brand and show you are the real deal by sharing your wisdom in a well-produced audio medium.

Through podcasting you can build your personal branding as a coach that knows how to inspire their clients and get them to where they need to be. A personalised podcast for your coaching brand will not only allow you to empower your listener but also connect with other coaches to build your network.

One coaching podcast which is a must listen is James Wedmore Mind your business podcast. James is an internet entrepreneur who will provide you with invaluable advice for life and business.

Podcasting for health and wellness

If any industry can benefit from increasing trust with their audience it is the health and wellness industry. There are so many companies and brands making so many health related promises that your audience might become overwhelmed.

Having a branded podcast can help bring the human back into the health and wellness industry. You can inform your audience by sharing information in a way they understand and in a way they find entertaining. Over time this will help develop trust and form a more intimate bond with your audience who in turn will be more comfortable availing of your products or services.

AOK nutrition Spilling the Tea podcast is a female health podcast helping listeners better understand their cycle, hormones and overall health.

Podcast for non-profits

If you’re a non-profit charity creating a branded podcast can help you establish trust with a wider audience and ensure they know where their money is going. Connecting with your audience is really important for non-profit organisations as it allows them to see the people behind the business and the difference they are making. In addition to this, every non-profit is going to have a bunch of inspirational stories from volunteers and people they have helped. So why not share those and inspire hope in your listeners.

Check out Tiny Spark Podcast, an independent podcast which touches on the relevant talking points in the world on non-profits.

Educational podcasts

Show that you know your stuff by sharing your knowledge over a branded podcast. Whether it’s giving grinds online or showcasing after school activities, a podcast is an entertaining way to help others. Podcasts are also a great way to attract new students to your educational facility.

If you want to learn new teaching strategies and hear from inspirational educators around the world The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast is essential listening.

Finance podcasts

Podcast for finance

Money talks, and so should you! Share your finance tips and grow your brand by creating a podcast that aids clients with financial planning and advice. People want to know they can trust whoever is handling their money, and by having a branded podcast you can show you are an authority on the subject of financial advice. You can elevate your personal brand by showing listeners you are credible and approachable by simplifying complex concepts. A podcast will also help you connect with new customers looking for reliable financial advice.

Afford Anything Podcast will help you gain the skills to budget effectively and spend your money wisely.

Legal podcasts

As a law firm, podcast marketing is a powerful tool. Building rapport with clients is a really important part of the legal profession and podcasting lets you do that on a larger scale.

Knowledge and an ability to apply that knowledge is another key element of being a successful lawyer and your podcast gives you an opportunity to show that you can do this.

You could discuss case studies, listener questions or legal news.

The Lawyerist Podcast showcases successful lawyers and creative people who are shaping the future of legal practice.

Technology podcasts

If you’re in the technology game branded podcast can help you grow your business. Once again trust in your brand is a huge part of why people will take a chance on your offering.

If your tech has a steep learning curve you can even use your podcast as an opportunity to discuss FAQs or common issues people run into. You could combine this with episodes about exciting innovation in your industry, case studies and/or industry news.

If you offer B2B solutions you can go more in depth into the different industries you serve and where your tech fits in. If you offer B2C services you can use your podcast as an opportunity to reduce barriers to entry and show customers how your tech can integrate into their lives.

Podcasting is particularly beneficial for SaaS where you want to keep your audience engaged long term. Connecting with your audience through podcasting means that the value you provide is more likely to be fresh on their minds when it comes renewing their membership.

Software Defined Podcast provides a weekly dose of chat about enterprise software and cloud computing with some fun banter on the side.



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