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Podcasting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs 2023)

Having a podcast is amazing for so many reasons. It gives you the opportunity to connect with an engaged audience, have interesting and knowledgeable people on as guests, expand your knowledge to name just a few of the benefits. As a business owner your podcast will allow you to position yourself as a figure of authority, show the value of your business offering and increase brand recognition. 

However, the road to podcasting success often comes with questions. In this blog post, we’re here to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about podcasting, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to embark on your podcasting journey with confidence.

Questions about starting a podcast

How to start a podcast

How to start a podcast

Starting a podcast involves several steps, including identifying your target audience, selecting a niche, planning content, choosing equipment, recording, editing, and finally, publishing. 

We have a free step by step downloadable workbook to guide you through the podcast launch process. We also have some other blog posts you might find useful: 

How long does it take to launch a podcast?

The timeline varies, but generally, it takes a few weeks to a couple of months to launch a podcast. This includes planning, recording, editing, and setting up a podcast distribution platform. 

Our podcast launch package is usually done over 6 weeks. For more information on this please contact us or book a discovery call. 

How long should a podcast trailer be?

A podcast trailer is a sneak peek into your podcast’s theme and content, aiming to captivate potential listeners. I like to do 2 trailers, one up to 60 seconds and one about 2-3 minutes long. 

Then I will use the 60 second trailer to make a video for social media and broadcast the longer trailer to the podcast players. 

How long should a podcast description be?

A podcast description is a few sentences describing what your podcast is about. Keep it concise and engaging and under 600 characters. This is the character limit on Spotify for Podcasters and a good benchmark even if your host site doesn’t have a limit. 

Make sure your description is full of keywords relating to your niche and answers the following:  

  • who the podcast is by?
  • who it is for?
  • what you will be talking about?
  • why you started this podcast?
  • when episodes will be out?
  • where people can find more info? 

Questions about naming a podcast

How do you come up with a podcast name?

How do you come up with a podcast name?

Brainstorm keywords related to your content, consider your target audience and aim for a name that reflects your podcast’s identity. Do keyword research in your niche and try to include keywords in the podcast title. 

We have a section dedicated to brainstorming and naming your podcast in our free downloadable PDF: Start your podcast in 6 steps! 

Play around with what words work together and then add any add-ons, such as your name or some keywords. For example if your podcast is about different types of spiritual practices around the world you might call it “The Spiritual Explorer” and then add your keyword add-on “The Spiritual Explorer: Discovering Spiritual Practices Around the World”. 

By having the name in two parts we still have a memorable and snappy title, “The Spiritual Explorer” that will be what people use when discussing the podcast and then a second part of the name “Discovering Spiritual Practices Around the World” which will boost searchability and help people understand what the podcast is about. 

How long should a podcast name be?

Your podcast name should be as short as possible while still including keywords for search-ability. In the above example the podcast is called “The Spiritual Explorer” but we added some keywords for search-ability. 

A lot of blogs about this topic suggest keeping your podcast name short but from experience we have found that having a name and some descriptive keywords all as part of the title leads to better results.   

Is my podcast name taken?

Before finalising your podcast name, perform a search on Google, YouTube and on podcast platforms to ensure that it’s not already in use. I also recommend making sure there isn’t a podcast with a similar name that will confuse search engines and listeners. 

Questions about podcast length

How long should a podcast be?

How long should a podcast be?

Podcast length can vary a lot, it really depends on the content and how entertaining you and your guests are. First define what your listener goals are: do you want to educate, entertain or inspire your listeners? 

Mini podcasts or micro casts are less than 10 minutes long. This style could work for a solo podcast where the goal is to educate the audience. 

For educational podcasts in general I recommend keeping them short, ideally less than 30 mins. People’s brains will switch off after this time and will not be able to keep learning. To be more specific I think a solo educational episode is best at 20 mins or less. If you have a guest you could stretch it to 30 mins. 

If your podcast aims to entertain you can be a bit more lenient on timing. That isn’t an excuse to drag things out though. Make sure your episode is punchy and fun and keeps your listener wanting more. 

Inspiring interviews and discussions can be longer but make sure again that they are interesting all the way through and don’t just make them long for the sake of it. 

In the end the ideal length for your podcast will come down to your audience. The above guidelines are general and every audience is different. Track your analytics and see what your retention rate is like. Take note where people drop off and compare this to other episodes. If there is a pattern this will tell you the ideal podcast length for your audience. 

How long should a video podcast be?

Same as with audio the length of your video podcast will depend on your listener goals and on your listeners. 

Use the same guidelines as for audio podcasts outlined above and track your analytics, specifically your retention rate, until you find the sweet spot for your audience. 

How long should a solo podcast be?

Solo podcast episodes are sometimes shorter than interviews. However, keep some consistency in the timing of your episodes. Once again refer to the guidelines above and, most importantly, monitor your retention rate. 

How short can a podcast be?

Podcasts can be as short as a few minutes, especially for quick tips or updates. Keep it engaging and focused.

How long should a podcast intro be?

A podcast intro should be concise, lasting around 15 to 30 seconds. Introduce your podcast and captivate listeners quickly.

Questions about producing a podcast


Podcasting FAQs

How often should I release a podcast?

Consistency is key. Decide on a release schedule that aligns with your content creation capacity. Weekly or bi-weekly releases are common.If you have the capacity for weekly releases, prioritise this but the most important thing is consistency. 

How long is a podcast season?

Podcast seasons vary greatly. Some have 6 episodes while others have 30+. Try to be consistent with the length of each season though, keeping the number of episodes similar each season. Seasons help maintain engagement and give you breaks for planning.

What makes a great podcast?

A great podcast offers value, engages listeners, maintains consistent quality, and aligns with your audience’s interests.

A great podcast knows what their listeners goals are, is building a brand persona and is doing this across multiple channels. 

And most importantly, a great podcast listens to its listeners, responds to analytics and feedback and has the listener front and centre in its strategy. 

Questions about podcast promotion

Who listens to podcasts?

46% of people in Ireland, 37% of people in the US and 25% of people in the UK listened to a podcast in the last month according to Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2022

The generation that listens to podcasts the most is millennials, followed by gen z, gen x and baby boomers, according to research by Marie Charlotte Götting on Statistica. Although they are the lowest percentage of podcast listeners, about 30% of baby boomers listened to a podcast in the last month in the US. 

Essentially podcast audiences span a wide demographic, from millennials to older generations. Understanding your target audience is crucial for effective promotion.

How to find target audience for podcast?

Use social media, surveys, and analytics to gather insights and tailor your promotion efforts.

Create your user persona and continue to amend and grow this persona as you learn more about your audience. 

Read more about defining your target audience

How to grow podcast audience

Engage with your audience on social media, collaborate with other podcasters, and encourage listeners to leave reviews. 

Build relationships with your listeners, as well as other creators, the media and experts in your niche. Remember to dedicate time to planning your podcast promotion strategy

Sending out a podcast press release for any big updates is also a great way to reach new audiences. 

Did we answer your own podcast questions? If not comment below, or contact us with your questions.


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