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The best podcast tools (2023)

Having the right podcasting tools at your disposal can make all the difference in ensuring a consistent and successful podcast. As a podcast manager, I understand the challenges that podcasters face so I wanted to share some of my favourite podcasting tools to streamline your podcast production process. 

From project management to podcast scheduling and publishing, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the essential podcasting tools to make your podcast production process that little bit easier. 

What are podcasting tools? 

Podcasting tools are software, applications and platforms designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of the podcasting process. These tools cater to podcasters’ needs, ranging from project management and episode planning to recording, editing, transcribing, and promotion. With the right podcasting tools, content creators can ensure a smooth and efficient workflow, leading to professional sounding episodes and an engaged audience.

AI podcasting tools

best podcast tools

AI podcasting tools use artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance the way podcasters create and manage their content. AI podcasting tools can perform tasks such as episode planning, transcription and even content generation. Several of the tools discussed in this list use AI as part of their process. 

The best podcast tools

Reach your full podcasting potential by streamlining your production workflow with these podcast tools. 

Project management: Google Business Suite

The beauty is in the simplicity. There are some really great project management tools out there but for me, right now, Google business suite does the trick. 

It’s a perfect tool for working on collaborative projects like podcasts. 

Episode planning: Chat GPT, Google Research, Keywords Everywhere

best podcast tools

Crafting engaging and insightful podcast episodes starts with thorough planning. Chat GPT can assist you in brainstorming content ideas, formulating questions, and developing episode outlines. 

Google is great for doing further research on a topic and for finding some influential voices on that topic. 

Keywords Everywhere is a really handy tool to do keyword research and find out what people really want to hear about. 

Podcast Recording – Riverside.FM

Recording high-quality audio interviews with guests is crucial for maintaining a professional and polished podcast. Riverside.FM is my podcast recording platform of choice. It is easy to use and is optimised for podcasting and other kinds of recordings. 

Audio and video are recorded locally, meaning that if you or your guest has a blip with your internet the recording isn’t affected. 

Riverside also offers some other handy features such as video editing which I will talk about shortly. 

Podcast Editing – Audacity

Audacity is a free audio editing software that does everything I need it to do to produce an excellent podcast. As well as letting you cut and rearrange the audio, you can enhance it too with different features such as amplify, compressor and noise removal.

There is a bit of a learning curve to using editing software including Audacity. If you are struggling with this another great option is Descript, where you can edit the transcript document and AI edits the audio to match. 

Podcast Transcriptions – Swell AI

Transcribing your podcast episodes has numerous benefits. Some podcast hosts have a place to upload the transcript, which can bring more traffic to your podcast through SEO. It can also just be a convenient resource for basing your show notes on.  

I use Swell AI for transcriptions. This is a paid service but it also has some other great features I’ll talk about shortly. If you’re looking for a free tool, I also really like Assembly AI

Podcast Show Notes – Swell AI

And this is the reason why I think paying for Swell AI is worth it. As well as transcribing your podcast Swell AI can also write show notes, social media posts and blog posts based on your podcast. 

Of course, you will likely have to edit these and make them sound more human but having the structure there really helps. 

Remember to make sure your show notes are full of keywords relating to the episode to drive traffic to your podcast. 

Social Media Snippets – Riverside.FM and Canva

best podcast tools

I mentioned that Riverside.FM has a handy video editing feature and this is what I use it for. Riverside lets you chop up your recording into short video clips to share on socials

Once I cut the clips in Riverside.FM I use Canva to add an end screen and then the clip is ready to share on social media.  

Graphics – Canva

You might also want to share graphics as part of your podcast promotion strategy. Or maybe you’re just starting out and need to make your podcast cover art. Well, Canva is your best friend when it comes to graphic design. There are a lot of templates you can use or if you want some more control, you can start from scratch yourself. 

Podcast Hosting – Spotify for Podcasters

Your podcast host site will be your podcasts home on the internet. From here it will be distributed out to all of the podcast players such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. 

Your podcast host site will also provide you with listener analytics and might have some other features such as a built in editor. 

Spotify for Podcasters, if you didn’t guess, is Spotify’s host platform. But your podcast will be distributed to all the players, not just Spotify. This is a free host site. 

Some other paid options include Castos and Podbean

Finding Guests –, Instagram, Google Search

best podcast tools

Last but not least, finding interesting and relevant guests is essential to keep your podcast fresh and engaging. is a dedicated platform for connecting podcasters with potential guests. Additionally, Instagram and Google Search can be valuable resources for discovering influencers and experts in your niche.

Streamline your podcast production process

By incorporating these top podcasting tools and associated processes into your workflow, you can elevate your podcast management game and take your show to new heights. From efficient project management to powerful audio editing and audience engagement through social media, each tool serves a vital role in the podcasting journey. So, embrace these podcasting tools and techniques, and get ready to captivate your audience with top-notch podcast content! 


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