what is a podcast manager

What is a podcast manager and what do they do?

Podcasting is an amazing medium to connect with your audience, build trust in your brand and to generate leads. As your podcast audience grows it can also become its own independent income stream. But with this amazing opportunity comes responsibility and you might just need to hire an extra set of hands to streamline the podcast production process. This is where your podcast manager comes in. 

What is a podcast manager?

A podcast manager is someone who oversees the entire production of a podcast, from idea generation to promotion or any subset of these responsibilities. They manage the different aspects of the podcast production, including guest management, podcast editing and post-production services.

Roles of a podcast manager

what is a podcast manager

Podcast managers wear a lot of hats and require a number of different skills in their work. The work they do for clients will vary depending on the clients needs and own skill set. 

Some podcast managers might specialise in certain areas, such as podcast launch or post-production and some might work as part of a larger podcast production team. Below are some of the things a podcast manager can do. 


I’m sure anyone who has a podcast will agree the launch can be chaos! Luckily your podcast manager will help keep on top of everything and get your podcast out there smoothly.

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Idea generation and episode planning

A podcast manager may be responsible for coming up with ideas for podcast episodes. They need to think creatively and come up with ideas that are unique, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. In a branded podcast these ideas should fit in with your overall brand identity. 

A podcast manager may also plan episodes, write scripts and create a running order.  Depending on the arrangement with their client, they may plan the episode together, or have creative control. 

Guest management

If your podcast has guests on it your podcast manager might be in charge of getting guests on the show. Once the guest is scheduled they will provide them with information about the podcast and prepare them for the interview, if necessary. 

After the episode is released they may follow up with guests providing the link to the newest episode. 

Podcast editor

A podcast editor is likely the most well known role in podcasting. A podcast editor ensures that the sound quality is high and the episode flows smoothly. They are responsible for editing the podcast to remove any mistakes, long pauses, or background noise. Your podcast manager may do this for each podcast. 

Writing podcast show notes

Podcast show notes include a summary of the podcast, any important links or resources discussed and the interviewees details. Good podcast show notes will help boost your podcasts SEO reach. Show notes also entice listeners by letting them know what to expect. 

Your podcast manager can write the show notes for you. 

Uploading and scheduling podcast episodes

Once the show notes are written the podcast needs to be uploaded and distributed to all the different podcast players. Many podcast managers will look after this step. They will ensure the episode is consistently released at your agreed on time. 

Creating social media content

As well as producing the podcast your podcast manager might also create social media content based on the episode. 

Looking for ideas for social media content? Try out our 6 Ideas for engaging content on your podcast social media platforms. 

Reporting on analytics 

what is a podcast manager

Your podcast analytics provide key insights into how your listeners are responding to your episodes. Monitoring these shows you what areas you need to improve in and what is doing well. Your podcast manager might advise on these analytics or provide a report. 

Bigger picture planning 

It can be easy to get stuck in the reeds of the day to day podcast tasks. Your podcast manager will help with this. As they work in the industry your podcast manager should have an ear to the ground with podcast news, trends and other important things. 

They can help you set longer term goals for your podcast and brand, plan any changes to the format of your podcast, identify your target audience and come up with ideas to help build your audience. They can also keep up to date on what podcast awards and events are taking place. 

Podcast monetisation 

Once you hit a certain number of podcasts you may want to monetise your podcast. Your podcast manager can help you with this. 

Manage a team 

Manage a podcast team 

You may have a team working on your podcast helping with the various steps above. In this case your podcast manager would manage the team and ensure every step is being looked after and the podcast is being produced. 

What is the difference between a podcast manager and a podcast producer?

While the terms “podcast manager” and “podcast producer” are often used interchangeably, there are some differences between the two. A podcast producer is typically responsible for the technical aspects of podcast production, such as recording, editing, and mixing the audio. A podcast manager, on the other hand, is responsible for overseeing the entire podcast production process, from idea generation to distribution.

What does a podcast producer do?

A podcast producer is responsible for the technical aspects of podcast production, including recording, editing, and mixing the audio. They ensure that the audio quality is high, and the episode flows smoothly.

Your podcast manager might also act as your podcast producer. 

Why you need a podcast manager

A podcast manager can help take your podcast to the next level. If you are comfortable looking after the technical aspects of the production they can help look at the bigger picture and planning. While producing a regular episode is one of your goals as a podcaster, growing the podcast and continuously improving should also be a goal. 

A podcast manager is an industry professional who understands the podcasting process better than most and can help make things easier. 

Who can benefit from having a podcast manager?

Anyone with a podcast can benefit from having a podcast manager. A podcast manager is particularly helpful to anyone with a message to get across but who doesn’t have the capacity to learn a whole new craft. 

How to find a podcast manager

How to find a podcast manager

When finding a podcast manager first identify your budget and needs. This will help you find out which kind of podcast manager is best for you. Often podcast managers will meet with you for a discovery call to figure out if their services and your needs align. 

You can find podcast managers on Google, social media and through agencies.

Looking for a podcast manager? 

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